Athletes competing in large high profile races prefer training according to the race’s official training programme, as opposed to a generic training programme. Old Mutual provides a race-specific training programme, but because it only exists in a static, non-interactive format (PDF & static HTML), it poses real practical problems:

Practical challenges with traditional race  training programmes:

1) Athletes can’t log their training and track their progress against the programme
2) The programme is inflexible: It doesn’t mimic the athlete’s actual life dairy and activities can’t be moved around.

The programme ends up only being used as a “general indicator” of the training that needs to be performed.

A smartphone app was the answer to connecting the runner’s real life schedule with the official Two Oceans training programme.

The app features:

1) Multiple training programmes to choose from (e.g. 21km: sub 1h / sub 1:30h / sub 2h / sub 2:30h etc and the same for 56 km)
2) Flexible & dynamic training calendar
3) Training log (automatically via wearable tech or GPS or manually)
4) Progress stats
5) Notifications
6) Customised motivational training messages (specific to the user’s capabilities / goals / specifications)
7) Race-day / preparation guide

This app is a world-first as no other organised running race in the world currently has a race training app.

~ A freelance project ~