SHAWCO Health is a UCT student-run charity organization that provides free medical care through mobile clinics in disadvantaged areas in Cape Town. The organization consists of 100+ volunteer doctors and 800+ medical students and operate six mobile clinics on a weekly basis.

In 2013 SHAWCO Health were facing a major challenge: they needed R7 mil to continue their operations as their primary sponsor decided to end their sponsorship.

Prezence assisted them and developed a campaign with the aim of creating awareness, and driving donations. The campaign was activated with students that were strategically placed at traffic robots, holding carton posters (beggar-style), with handwritten messages, pointing people to #ChangeALife, social media channels as well as a dedicated campaign micro website.

The design approach was built around an illustration of a map that shows where the mobile clinics are operating. The map was divided into the SHAWCO Health township areas and little illustrated mobile clinics are placed on each of these areas to show where SHAWCO Health operates. The map is illustrated in a fun, colourful, textured, modern way, with a touch of Africa. The aim of this map image is to show to the user, immediately and upon landing on the site, literally what it is that SHAWCO Health does. Small flags appear on the map to indicate where contributions have been made. These flags act as a barometer. When the site launches, only a couple of flags will be visible, and as the campaign progresses, more and more flags were be added.

~ A Prezence project ~