Psychometric testing meets social media

MyChemistry facilitates meaningful and targeted human connections by means of psychometric testing. The idea focuses on the fact that people have “chemistry” with each other, and they use social media to exploit this. The web app offers (frighteningly accurate!) personality assessments that match the right people with each other, whether it is for HR purposes, business relationships, romantic or leisure connections.

Design philosophy

The small part reflects the bigger part. Small atoms and particles’ behavior reflects how larger things in nature act and react. These parts have something in common and form some sort of relationship in order to sustain something bigger. Humans magnetize towards others because they share a certain makeup / chemistry and have a common vision or goal.

The top of the matter-pyramid would be massive heavenly bodies that form energy patterns or constellations. They’re attracted towards each other, they affect one another, they’re reliant on one another. They form relationships; they hold meaning.

The logo: In science, the chemical makeup of molecules is depicted with various combinations of lines and circles. Circles are used in the logo and throughout the site in extension of this idea. In the logo the circles illustrate the moment a connection takes place. Inspired by the idea of conception, there is a promise and excitement of something new that is born from a collaboration.

~ A freelance project ~