Jo Who?

The Johari Window is a technique devised by American psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in the 50′s and is a simple tool for illustrating and improving self-awareness and mutual understanding between individuals within a group.

Up until recently, the model has been used in dated ways. An exception to this is an interactive interpretation by Kevan Daves, which this iPhone app is based on. The journey flows, user experience, social elements and interface however is enhanced and optimised, resulting in a beautiful, interactive, easy to use, self-discovery app.

How it works, in short

The user would select words that best describe herself, and invite other people to select words that best describe her from their perspective. Depending on whether these adjectives are selected by both the user and her participants, these words get placed in certain quadrants of the user’s Johari Window (Open area, Hidden/Facade area, Blind Spot etc), where each quadrant then adds a certain meaning and dynamic to the user’s characteristics. The Johari Window acts as a conversation starter for groups where self discovery and group dynamics get explored.

Work flows & tools

User journeys, wireframes and an interactive prototype was developed to ensure a delightful, yet simple and organic user experience, prior to development. Sketch3 was used to create the actual designs and development is under way making use of the iOS native language, Swift.

~ A private project, together with Anthony Scott ~