The South African political landscape is a wilderness when it comes to understand party policies. With 180 registered parties, party websites with unclear and cluttered policy information, not to mention bad user experience, it is a challenge to compare what each political party has to offer. Potential voters, especially the techno-savvy younger generation, become apathetic, despondent and end up not voting…

The Solution

To build an accessible, easy-to-understand platform that informs South African citizens about what the different parties stand for and what their plans are regarding current affairs. Party policy information is presented so that voters are able to easily compare policies on key issues such as education, housing, health and safety. This platform is ultimately used to encourage people to vote … not to persuade them about a particular party or issue, but to inform them in an unbiased, objective manner.

Simplicity & Accessibility was key

The purpose of the site should remain focused on understanding what political parties stand for.  Keeping it simple and accessible is key. It should not serve as an in-depth information library (parties’ websites serve that purpose), nor as a general voting information platform (the IEC website serves that purpose). The information should also not be aimed at an academic audience – it should be conveyed in laymen’s terms so that it appeals to all South Africans.

Social element

People trust what their family, friends & peers say more than an authority’s opinion. The site will have a social layer where the public can vote for, compare & comment on parties and their policies.


• Responsive website to cater for higher LSM smartphone users &
• A feature phone site to cater for the greater population


• Leaderboard infographics / trending summaries for most popular parties & policies
• Info on each party (short summary, creds, contact details, who’s who)
• Info on each party’s policies (Categorised policies)
• Compare parties’ policies (Education/Crime/Job creation/Service delivery)
• Like & ‘vote for’ parties
• Like & ‘vote for’ parties’ policies
• Subscribe to SMS updates (? Not sure about this)
• Search (policies, parties & keywords)
• FAQs around Voting
• Commenting on parties & policies
• Login & short registration to comment
• Translations

~ A Prezence project ~