Simfy is South Africa’s first music streaming and download service and offers more than 18 million tracks. Simfy approached Prezence to assist them with marketing their subscription service by means of a digital ad campaign. We decided a mobile ads campaign will be most suited as mobile ads show a far higher success rate than web ads and because the target market is primarily smartphone users.

The idea

The user will be prompted to interact with the competition via a mobile banner placed within a relevant mobi site or app. A take-over HTML5 screen will launch the competition. ‘Hold the record’ is a competition to see who can physically hold onto an actual virtual record for the longest period. The user will hold their finger on an image of a record and will be timed against other players and the winner wins a Simfy subscription.

The details

Once the user clicks the banner, a popup appears with four slides. Slide 1 includes instructions, Slide 2 provides fields for the user to enter their details, Slide 3 includes the “record holding interface” and Slide 4 prompts the user to share the competition, in order to get another chance to play.

~ A Prezence project ~