AGILE Customer Insight  is a UK-based data analyst startup that helps companies understand their transactional data. They offer bespoke consultancy services, as well as software solutions.  A serious business… Their consultants however need to be freethinking and creative in order to tailor the best possible insights and campaigns for their clients. They needed a tool that would assits them in having discovery-conversations around this data together with the client, that would eventually lead to valuable insight into their customers’ behaviour.

The deliverables involved two components: A web app & a marketing website.

Web app

Our main objectives were 1) to create a multi-dashboard interface that anybody is be able to use, regardless of how data-savvy they are, and 2) for the application to have a collaboration component, so that conversations could happened around the data, that would eventually lead to insights.

I was tasked with constructing the architecture and user experience, an interactive prototype (alongside Wixel, who was responsible for development), as well as design the user interface screens. The real challenge was to simplify a complex concept, and transform it into a pleasure to use and interact with.

Marketing website

The website’s look & feel relays the creativity needed to achieve insights into complex data, by using creative iconography that communicates ideas and project ecosystems, while still appealing to the corporate market with solid grid and clean lines and typography. I managed the creative direction, design, copywriting (Gavin Ford) & art directed the illustration (Studio Muti).

~ A freelance project ~